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I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post twice in one day…oh yeah, its my blog! I make the rules! Anyhow, I’ll make this short, because I’m tired.

I just got the kids dressed for bed. While getting my princess dressed, little dude went and got a blanket and wrapped it around himself. You know, the one-shoulder tunic look? He came up to me declared, “I look like Jesus!” Indeed. I told him to go show his daddy. I hear some laughter from my husband in the other room while little dude is giving some sort of speech.

He then returns to me and tells me to sit in the chair and pretend to be little dude. I’m intrigued, so I obey. He then proceeds to tell me, pretending to be him, that he needs to stop being mean and stop hitting and that Daddy has prayed to Him so he is here to tell him to be good. Oh, I very eagerly agreed to be a good boy, and tried to contain my laughter.

After getting him dressed for bed, I rushed to tell my husband about the message Jesus had for little dude. He then told me about the message that God had for him. Apparently, little dude told Daddy that he was God and that God did not want him to put little dude in time out any more or holler at little dude. Oh boy! Well, if little dude listens to God, so will we!


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