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I took my dog, Jake, for a walk this weekend. I don’t often do that. He’s 2 years old and doesn’t have the best leash manners. I tried jogging with him a few times. That was a disaster. I almost tripped over him and the leash several times.

Jake is part lab. He looks like a 7-8 month old full lab. So, basically, he’s adorable. He’s like Mary Poppins in that he’s practically perfect. While I work, he will lounge on the chair behind my desk, but is ready to play when the kids come home. He loves everyone he meets, but kids are his favorite. He doesn’t care if they are loud and rough with him. If he’s getting attention, he’s happy.


Jake, 2 year old lab mix. Adopted from Southeast Texas Lab Rescue, http://www.txlabrescue.org

Still, being young, he has a few bad habits. He’ll steal food, even off the counter. We crazy dog people call that counter surfing. Also, he gets overly excited when visitors come to the house. Even if he remembers to not jump on the visitor, his tail can be pretty painful when he’s wagging it 90 MPH and dancing around your legs. Lastly, his leash manners stink.

He’s pretty much bi-polar on walks. He’s either pulling to get to the next object he wants to pee on or at a dead stand still sniffing the grass. No in-between. There’s no nice walking pace. There’s being drug or standing watching him pee or sniff.

So, I’m walking him on Saturday. Correction, I’m going between being drug by him and standing watching him. But I’m doing it because I needed to get out of the house and clear my mind. Now, my mind is off the reason I started the walk, and onto how annoying it is to stand here watching Jake sniff his 50th spot. I say out loud, as all crazy dog people do, “See, Jake? This is why I never take you for a walk!”

Then, I laughed at myself. It doesn’t take a dog expert to know why Jake has poor leash manners. He has poor leash manners because I don’t walk him very often and teach him how to properly walk on a leash. I don’t walk him very often because he’s annoying to walk. Do you see the silly cycle we’re in?

I thought, how many things have I done that with in my life? I’m not going to join a gym. There are skinny people there. I need to get in better shape first. Face palm!

I’m not going to get back to writing that novel, because I lost some files, and that’s frustrating. Wouldn’t want to roll up my sleeves and re-write them.

And this blog. I started it four years ago, and didn’t know how to do much with it. So, there it sat until I decided to take some action on it. Waiting wasn’t working. Maybe if I started writing, something would happen. Sure enough, I’m starting to figure out how to customize it and what some of the buttons do. (I figured out the “follow” button yesterday, feel free to use it)

I knew how to write, so that’s where I started. I didn’t know how to make it pretty or change much of anything. I never “researched” how to do any of that when I wasn’t writing. But now that I’m moving and grooving, when something comes up, I research it and find out. I didn’t even know what I was going to write about, but I knew one thing. Not writing doesn’t a blog make. Not writing hasn’t gotten that novel any further along or recovered the missing files. Just like I didn’t lose a pound or gain a bit of strength until I walked in the doors of my gym, fat belly and all.

What are you waiting around for in your life? What work do you need to start doing?

“Knowledge isn’t power…it’s potential power. Execution will trump knowledge any day.” -Tony Robbins

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