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Our dog, Jake, had his annual vet visit this morning. Unlike a lot of dogs, Jake loves going to the vet. Actually, he loves going anywhere. There’s the car ride and new smells, which are both very exciting, but mostly, it’s the new people.

Jake loves people. New people, familiar people, old people, little people. He gets so excited about people.

Anyone who’s visited us knows this. Jake will just get beside himself with excitement the minute someone comes in the door. Five seconds prior, he was no doubt napping. Jake naps like 20 hours a day. He prefers to be next to a person when he naps, but at the very least, he’s (as his is right at this moment) sitting on the futon behind me while I work on the computer. But he can go from 0 to 60 the minute a visitor comes in. Then he is up and as hyper as a normal 2 year old lab! He likes to greet visitors with a gift. The “gift” is whatever he finds that he can carry in his mouth. Sometimes it’s a pillow or blanket from the couch. Shoes are often handy, too, so they make good gifts. And seeing as I usually have a few baskets of laundry strewn about the living room, an article of clothing can often be a gift.

As one friend noted one day, Jake will make you feel special when you come to our house. He greets everyone with gusto.

His greetings to the receptionists, vet techs, and doctor this morning were just as enthusiastic. The only part he didn’t like was waiting in the room. He could hear the voices on the other side of the door, and sniffed frantically under the door, gathering information about all these people. Occasionally, he’d look up and whine at me, like I know you have the ability to open this thing! Do it, Mom! Let’s go! There are people on the other side of this to greet! Why are you just sitting there?

And each person that came through that door, whether they listened to his heart, looked in his ears, or even gave him a shot was greeted with tag wags that wiggled three-fourths of his body. Basically, everything after his front feet moves back and forth. The ears are laid back, eyes soft and content and then just sideways motion as fast as he can move his chunky butt. Each person reacted similarly, laughs and pets, and commenting on how sweet he is.

Yes, Jake knows how to make people feel special, like they are the only person in the world. Like you are who he’s been waiting to meet all his life. Like this moment is the best moment of his life. There is nothing to do but giggle and give some of that love and admiration back to him.

As you finish your week, I wish for you the love and appreciation of a “Jake.” If no person or critter has made you feel special this week, let me be the one to say, I think you are as special as Jake thinks every person is. If you’ve not been fawned all over, then go give that kind of greeting to someone else, so that they have no choice but to giggle and smile, and give it back to you in some small measure.

Be good to someone. Be a Jake, and appreciate the people you come across. Let yourself just unabashedly exude joy when your family comes home tonight. There is no down side! You get what you give. Jake promises!


One thought on “Be a Jake

  1. Joanna says:

    Everything I need to learn I can learn from Jake! Precious.

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