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I’ve written a few blogs about our lovable lab mix, Jake. There’s another furry family member. His name is Biscuit. He’s my daughter’s bunny. He’s part Holland Lop and part Mini Rex. What that means is he’s a small size bunny and has ears that sometimes lay down, often stick out to the side, but can stick up “like a real bunny,” as I like to tease. We call them “derpy ears,” very flying nun-ish. Biscuit is a very social bunny and loves to interact with people and just, in general, be out and about. Usually, his social time is had in my daughter’s room with a baby gate up to keep him safe from Jake. Jake has no deep desire to hurt the bunny, but suffice it to say, he’s too big to play with the bunny or have unsupervised visitation!

Last week, my daughter wanted to let Biscuit roam the whole house. That’s fine if certain precautions are taken, like a potty pad (you know the training pads for puppies?) is put on the couch. For some reason, he likes to pee on the couch. Aren’t I lucky? Also, Jake must be put in a closed room or sitting right beside me.

This particular day, Jake is napping on the couch…..I just typed that as if it’s unusual. I think I’ve mentioned Jake naps about 50 x a day. Let me rephrase. As usual, Jake is napping on the couch. Since, he’s just chilling, I don’t put him in another room. Jake lays on the couch and watches the bunny hop around the living room, even coming up on the couch and sniffing him a few times, for a good 20 minutes. Jake is not letting this small, hopping prey item interfere with his 42nd nap of the day. The next day, my daughter asks to let Biscuit explore the whole house, again. Since, it went so smoothly yesterday, sure! I look to what Jake is up to, and he’s napping on the floor this time. The bunny goes straight for Jake this time for a good sniff. Jake is as unimpressed with him as he was the day before. This lasts until my son came in the room.

Then, the energy completely changed!

My son is Jake’s bestest play buddy! They go hunting lizards and frogs together, daily after school. We have a small, decorative pond, and my son will never let those poor fish alone. Note, it used to be decorative, until I gave up on fixing all the plants that that boy would trample getting to the water! Anytime, my son’s messing in the pond, Jake’s right over his shoulder, helping keep an eye on what direction the fish are darting in. Jake can be lazy, but when big brother is around, he can be active. He knows, when big brother is around, adventure will follow!

So, when my son walks in the room, Jake is expecting action! This day, our calm, enjoyable moment with the two furry critters instantly became something entirely different. Jake leaped to his feet, like he’s an energetic dog. Ears were set high, on alert; tail stiff and high, and legs in go mode. I, of course, went into high alert too, sternly telling him to sit, because I knew if the bunny came happily hopping out now, he’d have a dog after him. It was instant. It was electric.

That’s how powerful our energy is, and as they say, you can use your powers for good or evil. I don’t know about you, but I like to think I rarely, if ever, use my personal energy for actual evil. It’s just a fun phrase. However, I can use my energy to bring positivity to others, or I can just not and waste it. And I do, often, just decide it’s too much work to be positive, to smile at those around me, to say hello, to encourage a friend, to introduce myself to that new gal at the gym. But what a waste, and really, if I remind myself, as I’m reminding you, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work.

There is a couple whose house is on the way to my daughter’s school. They sit in lawn chairs in their front yard as people are going to work and school, drinking their coffee and waving. They just sit out there and wave to the cars going by. They wave to the joggers and the people walking their dogs. They sip their coffee and just wave. We call them “the waving people.”

Many, many, MANY mornings, things are not peachy in my car on the way to school, and they have not been peachy as I’ve gotten the children up and ready to school. Actually, more mornings than not, I resort to loudly telling the children something that I’ve said in a normal voice five times already. Some might call that yelling. I like to think of it as reiterating my point at a decibel that they are more likely to notice.

More mornings than not, I’ve had to bribe or threatened at least one child to get out of bed. More mornings than not, a shoe is nowhere to be found, and I’ve gone into a lecture that predictably begins, “this is why Mommy tells you to put your shoes away….” More mornings than not, things have not been exactly pleasant and on-time, and often, when we get to the waving people’s house, we’re either still fussing at each other or fuming quietly. But always, when we get there, someone notices where we are and declares, “the waving people!” At this announcement, we all turn, smile, and wave. And the energy changes, no matter how fake our smiles were. Often, Mommy then, finally remembers to breathe and be thankful that we’re at least in the car on the way to school, that we’re all healthy, that somewhere in our house, which we’re blessed to have, are the children’s nice shoes …. even if the ones on their feet at the moment are old and worn, and I’m embarrassed that we had to break down and wear them out in public.

All they do is wave. Sip coffee and wave, but that couple has changed our mornings for the better, more mornings than not! And they remind me, that energy is powerful, and kindness is most powerful, and not to be dismissed. I hope you will find a way to spread some positive energy as you go throughout your week. Be like the waving people.

2018 329

Biscuit showing off how cute derpy ears can be.

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