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I just finished the book, You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero. First of all, great book, I highly recommend it. Sincero talks a lot about the law of attraction, but especially in the final chapters. If you don’t know anything about the law of attraction, just google it when you have a couple hours to fall down a rabbit hole, or pick up this book!

Sunday, I’m reading how the author manifested the fabulous rental home where she was finishing writing the book. In barges my son from his latest fishing trip, talking 90-to-nothing about a new type of fish he’s caught. My mom eye notices that he has a new, bigger bait pail. The old one was given to him at a garage sale. This happens often when we take him to garage sales. He’ll spot fishing equipment, focus in on it, start telling the home owners tales of his fishing adventures and aquarium and pond, and the next thing I know, these people are helping me load it all in my minivan and maybe asking for a few bucks in return.

When my husband comes in the door a minute or two later, I look at the new bait pail, that the boy doesn’t need in my opinion, and give the hubby the look. The spousal “why did you buy that crap?” look. My son’s still going on and on about these new fish, and how he thinks they might be pike, and how I need to come out to the pond with him so he can show me. I’m still wondering about the new bait pail. My husband shrugs and says, they gave it to him at the bait store.

My response? Of course, they did! Because, as I said, this happens all the time to this kid. Hubby explains, the owner said someone brought it in and said, give it to the next kid who comes in. I smile, and shake my head. I’m reading about manifesting what you want out of life, and here it’s been happening right in front of my eyes for months. The reason I thought a new pail was a waste of money was because he had one….that was given to him!

This kid is manifesting fishing equipment! This is his passion! He’s always loved any critter, but a critter with scales is the best.

It started with finding what he thought was a turtle egg when he was three. Not being able to crush his dream of hatching a turtle, Mommy made a late-night trip to a pet store, and low and behold, the next morning we had a new pet turtle named, Larry.

In preschool, he earned the nickname, Lizard Whisperer, because of his prowess for catching the small anoles that are so prolific around here. Next, he set his sights on a snake. Foolishly, I told him that if he could catch one of the black racers (very fast snakes, hence the name) that lived in our yard, he could have a pet snake. I underestimated how fast my son is. In my defense, he hadn’t been diagnosed with ADHD yet.

Yeah, so he caught one. No worries, he never suffered a snake bite (still hasn’t). That snake tagged me 4 times and my husband twice. We realized, there’s a reason black racers aren’t popular in the pet snake world. So, we agreed to purchase him a nice, docile corn snake if we could just release this demon back to his happy life outdoors.

At this point in our journey with this kid, I’ve officially been branded as the crazy mom. After all, I’m now posting pictures of a snake on Facebook. I may have been called crazy behind my back, before that, but once you become a snake owner, people open up to your face. I’m not sure if it’s an attempt at intervention or just they can’t hold it in any longer. Either way, I get it, but you know, this boy, this is just his thang.

Frogs, like lizards, are caught daily, and I soon can no longer keep storage containers in the kitchen. They all become homes, whether temporary or otherwise, for the critters he catches….or the insects he catches for the critters.

Then, crazy mom strikes again, and I decide one summer that we need a garden pond. It will be fabulous. We can have some gold fish. The frogs will lay their eggs in it. The children will get to see metamorphosis up-close and personal. And, oh, the new flowers and plants that I can try out. Oh, and he manifested his perfect teacher the year after the pond was built too. He started 2nd grade that year. We walk into his new classroom and the teacher has small fish bowls with tadpoles on every table. I swear I saw heavens open up, a bright light shone down upon this tall-thin blonde woman, and my son fell in love for the very first time! ….he’s in 5th grade, and he still loves that woman! Truly a teacher-student match made in heaven. But I digress, from the point that the pond, opened up the world of fish to the boy!

As I casually mentioned above, my son has ADHD. I tell you this, knowing he is completely open about it. He’ll confidently explain to anyone that simply, his brain is a race car, but the brakes to slow it down and make it focus are bicycle brakes. Except, a lesser known fact about the ADHD brain is that it can “hyperfocus.” Yes, it’s a thing. See http://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/adhd-symptoms-hyperfocus. You can probably figure out from the word that it is focus on steroids. It happens when the person is involved in a special interest (people on the autism spectrum can hyperfocus too, fyi, since it’s Austism Awareness Month).

My son’s special interest for the past couple years is fishing. Honestly, I really prefer that my husband take him fishing, because I find his “passion,” i.e. tenacity, hyperfocus, never-say-die attitude for fishing exhausting. He never gets tired and wants to go home. He never catches enough. He never adheres to the agreed rules of NOT bringing any new ones home!

This is how big a deal fishing is to this child. It’s no fly-by-night curiosity. It’s an interest that’s been building and growing out of his love of the outdoors and scaly things since the beginning.

And I paint this picture to wrap my own head around the deep-abiding desire and work that it takes to manifest one’s aspirations. Honestly, it’s a bit humbling, because I’m not sure I have the passion or work ethic that this kid has when it comes to fishing (math is an entirely different story!).

The law of attraction has been happening right in front of me, but it is showing me, this isn’t for wimps. This is no, wish on a star, voodoo magic. There’s no sitting back and waiting and wanting. It’s full-steam ahead, don’t notice that it’s hot as hell, who cares about the mosquitoes biting me and just yank off the leaches, risk the gators lurking about, worth whatever punishment Mom has in store for me, I’m not gonna stop fishing, crazy little boy stuff!

Or as Sincero advises in her book, “Take hell-bent joyful, passion-fueled action.” And yes, I know what a lot of you are thinking, there’s a spiritual side to it as well. I’m just exhausted now from thinking about fishing with my kid. Again, you should really read that book. https://jensincero.com/

To see some of the little fisherman’s fishing videos click here.

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