Pieces of me

Inspiration for those who warrior on

The first lives in this space, gliding through it like the bow of a boat through calm waters.

She fits in so effortlessly that to the second she appears flawless.

The second examines the place as if from a far even when walking through the center.

Her constant critique separates her in a way the first cannot see.

The second feels it, though, like she feels the melting auburn sun at dusk.

They both enjoy the visual moment, but one is metaphorically hovering above the scene collecting details for future designs.

The one abides in and enjoys the surrounding world.

The other molds its direction.

From time to time, the sparkly perfection of the first is envious.

But the creator cannot be still in this moment, feeling propelled toward the next project.

 “The role of the artist is to disrupt, to remold, and to create.” -Yara Shahidi


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