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Just 2 days until June and #30daysofGrowth. I felt the need to share something before we get started. I don’t really like that the meme has “happiness” as the goal of the 30 habits. That’s why I’ve dubbed this month #30daysofGrowth not happiness.

As I explained, the list is not mine and just came up on social media one day. I like the habits on the list and know that they can lead to a better life, but to me happiness is an emotion. Emotions change, and life is just shitty at times. Personal growth, however, helps us deal with the shitty. That’s what I want these 30 days to be about: growing habits that create a better life.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Will Durant

Perhaps, I’m just parsing words. The point is these 30 habits are tried and true positive activities for growing the satisfaction level of our lives. Doing so will trigger more feelings of happiness, of course.

The reason I want to distinguish between a feeling of happiness and a life of purpose is the later can require change and challenge. Those can be uncomfortable in the moment, but lead to long-term rewards in terms of satisfaction.

These 30 days may require stepping out of our comfort zones. It already has for me. I’ll share with you that I’ve been asking for some help in preparing content for some days. Now, that’s very exciting, because it’s going to result in more voices and more value. However, asking for help is something I do not like to do. I know I’m not alone in this respect. Each time I asked someone, I questioned whether I should bother them and almost talked myself out of it. In the end, I just had to take a deep breath and remind myself that the worst that could happen is they declined.


I hope you will join me on the journey. Whether we call the goal happiness or meaningfulness, the point remains, we’re going to try new things, improve on some things, look at things a bit differently, and grow ourselves.

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