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I have a 50-pound adolescent labrador retriever walking on the back of the couch. His lanky juvenile legs shaking as he tries to put one paw in front of the other. Exasperated at his new antic, I spit out, “Jake! You are not a cat! Get down!” My son answered on behalf of the dog, “Mom, don’t crush his dreams!”

I’ll do my best not to crush any dreams like I did that day with our dog.

For you younger readers, this cheesy 80s poster was the motivational meme of my youth!


Did anyone have this in their room growing up?

In my 20s, I dreamed big career dreams. In my 30s, I dreamed family dreams. Now, my dreams are about what brings value to me and those around me.

When you cease to dream, you cease to live.” Malcolm Forbes

Dreams can change over time. Dreams can change because of age or life circumstances. One of the important things to remember, though, when dreaming big is to be true to yourself.

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

I have the following quote pinned to the corkboard over my desk. It’s by Mark Batterson, an author and pastor.

Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. -Mark Batterson


Dreaming is lovely, because thoughts lead to actions. If you want your actions and your outcomes to be big, they must begin with big thoughts or dreams. However, dreams are nothing without the “go.”

As you dream big, realize, this must lead to action if it is to lead to anything.

Whatever your big dreams are work hard at them. Work hard at the small steps that it takes to achieve a big dream. In fact, working on smaller goals can reveal a big dream.

But if they don’t, you just keep working hard on what’s in front of you. A big dreamer is a life-long learner. Moreover, big dreams are for the long-haul. And the long-haul is full of set-backs and failures and adjustments to the sail. Dream big, but don’t be discouraged with the ebbs and flows of life. It’s ok to tweek things. It’s ok to change directions. It’s ok to fail, and get up and try again.


It’s not just any action. It’s going after it. To go after something conjures up images in my mind of a lion attacking a gazelle. Going after something isn’t meek and mild. It’s full on, balls to the wall.

You know why we use the phrase “go after” with regards to a lion and his prey, because his life depends on it. Go after your big dreams like your life depends on it! It does.

No, you may not physically die, but your quality of life does! What’s the difference? So, go after it, attack it, put everything into it.

A Dream

Honestly, I never had one clear big dream. But from what I’ve seen in life, I’m not that unusual. There are few Tiger Woods who start at 2 going after a dream and pursue it their whole lives. Most of us, try on a few. Some of us, never have one big over-arching dream. The important part is to dream! To believe that there is constantly more out there to be achieved, to be realized, to work toward!

It may not be the only dream, but dream! Imagine what you might do. Conjure up imagines of what might be if you weren’t afraid to fall or falter or look silly. Dream!

One thing I know about dreaming big regardless of your stage in life or vision for your life, it shouldn’t be dictated by fear. Fear is the great crusher of dreams.


This part is the “you don’t know my childhood” part. The “I’m not privileged like” so-and-so. The crap that a lot of us are tied with. Destined!

Those things are real, believe you me I know where we were put in life is real. It presents real challenges, but I like to move quickly through the “destined to fail” part of the quote on to….

Divine intervention

Ahhhh, that’s where we can breath again. Yes, many of us were destined by birthright, not to mention our own faults and weaknesses “to fail.” But through divine intervention, we too can dream big!

As one of my trainers said this morning, “You don’t know what you are capable of until you refuse to quit!”


“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” -Doug Ivester

To me, dreaming big is about prioritizing the things that give my life meaning.

This blog was a big dream I had. I started it to just write what I wanted to read (I write plenty professionally) and what brought me satisfaction. I find a lot of joy in reading about positive, affirmative topics and meditating on them and writing about them.

This is a big dream for me. So, let me take this moment to say I’m so thankful for everyone that takes the time to read a post and like or share it.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.´-Eleanor Roosevelt“

Thank you for making mine so beautiful.




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