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He makes the daily request to go fishing. I glance in the rear-view mirror at the rods remaining from the last trip. “You never cleaned up your mess from the last time we took you,” I answer. My son pointed out that the left-behind equipment makes it easier to prepare for today. That’s not how this works, I respond.

The blog about my son’s fishing prowess has been rather popular. He’s certain that it’s because of him. Perhaps. I have used it to my disciplinary advantage, for sure. There’s a part of the law of attraction that he doesn’t get, though. It’s the role gratitude plays.

Picture of son and two friends fishing

My fisherboy and a couple friends.

I saw the new bait bucket I wrote about in The Law of Attraction, sitting haphazardly by the pond this week. I told him, you cannot attract more if you don’t appreciate and care for what you have. After he was out of earshot on his way to collect the pail, my husband giggled and said, good one. I was quite pleased with how well that worked, but I declared, it’s true! It’s not just parental manipulation.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. —Zig Ziglar

Think about it! Parents, when you kid breaks a new toy because she played with it inappropriately or left it where it shouldn’t be, do you have this overwhelming desire to go buy a replacement? No, you say, you should have taken better care of that toy. When you can’t walk into your child’s room because there are so many toys on the floor, and they stand in the middle, asking for the newest XYZ action figure, what do you do? You say, you need to put away what you have before we talk about more, right? We do it as parents or try to, at least. It’s what good parents do to teach responsibility and appreciation.

The Universe works that way too. Gratitude is just as important to manifesting your full, inspired life as passion, faith, and action. Like the corner pieces of the puzzle that you find first before even looking for any matches.

Photo by Carl Attard of heart, which says I am grateful.

Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

I’m increasingly convinced that gratitude is a foundational piece in every aspect of a meaningful life. In recovery, gratitude for my heart beat, my vision, fully functional limbs, etc., taught me to start appreciating my body and not seeing it as the enemy. Gratitude is an amazing tool to use again negative self-talk. A group therapy leader encouraged me go through the alphabet when the thoughts in my head were too toxic to bear. Starting with A and name something for which you are thankful for all 26 letters. There were times, I got to Z and had to start over, but that’s what I did!

My trainers teach us to celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Appreciation for what you’ve accomplished or been blessed with is the basis for every next step in the process of self-improvement. Every topic I’ve written about on my blog, every part of a balanced mind, body, and soul requires gratitude. It’s a corner piece. You’ll get no where without it.

I’ve even been using gratitude to combat road rage. (I got this idea from a Tony Robbins to give credit where credit is due) I have to cross a busy bridge on my morning commute. There are often accidents on the bridge, which slow or stop traffic. When I’m stuck in that traffic, I can get tense and upset. The traffic might throw off my work-out time, which throws off my entire morning. I’ve started making myself say, I’m thankful I’m not in the accident. Thank you, God, that my kids made it to school safe once again, and I am safe here in my vehicle. I sometimes say it through clenched teeth, but I make myself say it until my jaw loosens, and I believe it a bit.

The Creator is just like any conscientious parent and not particularly compelled by an ungrateful heart to keep doling out blessings. When I think about it as a parent, I can’t blame Her.

How do you show gratitude?

To see some of my little fisherman’s fishing videos click here.

(reposted from May 4, 2018)

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