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“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” – Mean Girls

On Sundays, we prep.

Today’s the day to get ready for the week. Take Sunday to make your game plan for the week.

I’ve started using this app, MyFitnessPal. I don’t know if it’s any better or worse that other fitness apps. I just downloaded it to start tracking my food, because I’ve been off track of my fitness goals. At the end of each day, it tells me “if every day were like today in 5 weeks you’d weigh xxx.” Some days this is a good number, yesterday it was not. The good news is every day doesn’t have to be like yesterday!

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Today’s a new day, and the beginning of a new week. However, I don’t want to leave it to chance. So, I take Sundays to prepare for the week ahead.

5 Ways to make the most of your Sunday Prep Day:

  1. Start with your goals. Are they fitness goals? Then, meal prep and schedule in your exercise. Work goals? Break it into steps that you work on through the week. This is the “what.” What do you want and need to accomplish this week. If you don’t want to spend your week putting out fires, then start your week with your goals in mind.
  2. Schedule in your what. Don’t wait to see if you have time for the important goals in your life. Plan in the time! If you don’t, the week will just happen to you. Coworkers, family members, time wasters will pop up and find plenty of things for you to spend your time on. Schedule in your priorities today.
  3. Set yourself up for success. Don’t “plan” to write that novel all in one week. Then, when that unrealistic goal isn’t met, you get to have a pity party. Nope, set up a realistic plan. If this is the week that you finally get back in the gym, don’t plan to go 7 days. You know you’re going to be sore and need a day or two for recover. Plan accordingly. Sometimes, I wonder if we don’t have some subconscious nonsense going on that says, I’m going to prove that I will fail at this by setting myself up for failure. Don’t do that. Be ambitious, but be honest with yourself.
  4. Be flexible with the things you can’t control. If your plan goes awry because your kid gets sick and requires a day of cuddles, you readjust. Life happens. Don’t throw out the whole plan because something out of your control happens. We know illnesses happen, technology glitches, dogs puke on the carpet. Be willing to move on to plan B not simply throw your hands up in the air and quit.
  5. Be inflexible with the things you can control. This is just to say, stick to the Sunday plan through the week. Don’t make excuses. These are your goals after all. Don’t let yourself down. If you’ve decided what needs to get done this week to move closer to your goals, and you’ve scheduled in the time. Your plan in realistic, and the only issue is you, then get out of your own way! Make every day a day that “if every day were like today in 5 weeks” you’d be at your goal, or significantly closer.
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