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It’s Monday. The beginning of a new work week. Monday gets a bad rap, because it’s the end of the weekend. We who warrior on to a better life, however, know that we can shift our perspective.

So, this week, let’s not begrudge Monday for its terminating ability. Let’s embrace the opportunities that come with the beginnings Monday brings.

Still not convinced? Here’s some help!

Psychology Today provides the following 5 tips for improving your Monday morning:

  1. Ease into your Monday.
  2. Find a happy place to allow you to “adjust to work life again.”
  3. “Look forward to something.”
  4. “Set your own priorities.”
  5. “Make the most of the morning.”

Read the full article here:

Becca’s Monday morning

I started my day today by downing a bottle of water. This is typical for me. I like it room temperature, because it’s easier to chug that way. It gets me out of the dehydration that often occurs when we sleep.

Next, I did some tricep dips to get my blood flowing, and some sun salutations to set my intentions for the day.

Just a few minutes to start my day on a good note, taking care of my physical body and connecting to my spirit.

Then, I moved on my other obligations. One child was awake, so I ensured she ate. I got ready for the gym. At my workout facility, we love to say “never miss a Monday!”

Psych Central agrees, encouraging even 10 minutes of HIIT, in their article about Mondays.

8 Ways to Avoid the Monday Morning Blues:

  1. Foster “social connections” on Sunday.
  2. “Sneak in a sweat session.
  3. “Do not attempt to sleep in.”
  4. “Set an intention.”
  5. Meditate.
  6. Work a little on Sunday.
  7. Read the night before.
  8. Meal prep on Sunday.

Here is the rest of the article:

If you decide to give # 5 a go, don’t forget there is a guided meditation made just for my readers HERE.

How do you like to start your work week?

Happy Monday!


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