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Here are some articles about the fresh start of the New Year from blogs that I enjoy reading:

New Year, Same You?: In praise of positive choices

“A new year is a great time to make changes, make resolutions, set intentions, etc., but don’t let it be a time when you beat yourself up for all you’re not yet doing, forgetting about all the positive choices you’ve made (or are currently making). ” – Dani DiPirro @positivelypresent

New Year, New Me

“If you make a step toward your goal every single day, eventually you will get there, so don’t  wait until next year. Do it now.”   – The Nerdy Lion

January Goals: The Happiness Project

“Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down consistently?” – Jubilee Meyer

2 Magic Words I use Year Round – instead of Resolutions

“[B]eginning again with something new—having succeeded at last month’s goal—filled my self-worth cup in ways that a forgotten list of resolutions at the start of each year never could.” – Catherine Monkman

30 Days of Doable Change

“Lose all the weight. Never procrastinate again. Overhaul your life. Whew! Those are some ambitious goals (you’ll probably drop by February). Instead, why not crush 30 smaller self-improvement to-dos to feel kick-ass for the rest of 2019?” – TheGreatest.com

New Year, New Mindset, New Results

My world-traveling friend, Jen Byer shares “5 Ways to change our Mindset and bring more GENTLENESS  into the New Year”

Time to Dance

“I’ll not go into 2019 focused on want, or lack or what is “wrong.” But, instead, engaged with life, now.” – Jeremiah Stephen

2 thoughts on “Fresh start thoughts from my favorite blogs: 2019 New Year Roundup

  1. I’m honored that you included my blog! Great post ❤️

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