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It’s February, the love month. While the commercialization of the holiday can be off-putting, there’s no reason to forgo the opportunity to focus on love.

My dad was a preacher, so excuse me a moment while I geek out, or Greek out, to be exact. In Greek, there are several words for love. Philia is friendship love. Eros is romantic love, and apage is unconditional love.

In English, we say we love pizza and that new series on Netflix, and then use the same word to talk about how we feel about our kids or other loved ones. We all know there is a huge degree of difference in the feelings we have for objects as opposed to people. Moreover, we love our best friend differently than we do a significant other.

However, during this love month, let’s be more mindful of those deep connected feelings we have for our friends and family. It is and it should be different than how we feel about our favorite pair of leggings (although, that’s a special feeling too).

I found a great idea on momsoftweensandteens.com. It’s a simple idea. Put a heart on your kids’ door every day in February telling them all the things you love about them.

It’s been helpful in making me focus on my love for my kiddos. I won’t lie, though, it’s been a bit challenging. Loving my kids is pretty easy, but articulating a specific aspect about them every day that I love and appreciate is not something I’ve ever done. I don’t know what they are getting out of it, but I am having to stop and think about it.

But that’s why I recommend the exercise. We’re so busy chauffeuring them to activities and doing homework and projects and trying to get them to eat right and not melt their brains with too much screen time. These things we do for and with our kids (family) are all outgrowths of our love for them. They aren’t bad things, but the business keeps us from stopping and being mindful of why we love them.

So, whether you decorate your kids’ doors with paper hearts or not (or even have kids), I do hope you find a way to slow down and think about your love for the people in your life. Think about why you love. Think about how you show your love. Think about the importance of that love.

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