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September 24, 2018

Recovery is a dance between old habits and new intentions. Choose which leads wisely.

Driving back from dropping off kids at their respective schools, the approaching traffic light turns yellow. I would not have touched my brakes, except the psycho in front of me comes to a screeching stop. I have no choice other than to stand on my brakes and hope mommy’s swagger wagon has the precise stopping …

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I’m in a rut on my fitness journey. Plateauing is what they call it. I started so weak, the gains were very noticeable in the beginning. I went from completely sedentary to working out three times a week. I went from eating junk (I’m talking the carhops at Sonic would notice if I got a …

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The hubby and I watched a movie a few nights ago. Just one of those TV movies that doesn’t look too bad. It had some war stuff, which the ex-marine in the room always likes, but I tuned out for the most part. There’s one big scene at the end that caught my attention. Two …

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