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This is no time, my dear warriors, to discourage the celebration of female power.

Scarlet salvia in the foreground. Gaillardia in the background.

Spring has sprung. I’m gardening again. What was once deemed “my therapy” had become another activity that I couldn’t muster doing. Why is it so easy to stop the healthy habits in our life? Nevertheless, the need for a outlet coupled with inheriting several new plants has gotten me back in the dirt. I know …

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Meme with crown: Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Today is the legendary Black author, Toni Morrison’s 88th Birthday. If you are not a fan of hers, I’d be willing to bet you have not read much or any of hers. About a month ago, I wrote this piece, ON MLK’S HOLIDAY, I’M ASKING WHITE FOLK TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE. Therein, I encourage introspection and …

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Happy Blogiversary to pieces-of-me.com! Don’t you love made-up words? But it has been a year since I dusted off this website which I had opened in 2014 thinking I would use it to tell kid and gardening stories. I wrote This is Me, and just kept writing. Inspiration In the background, I was being inspired …

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