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Scarlet salvia in the foreground. Gaillardia in the background.

Spring has sprung. I’m gardening again. What was once deemed “my therapy” had become another activity that I couldn’t muster doing. Why is it so easy to stop the healthy habits in our life? Nevertheless, the need for a outlet coupled with inheriting several new plants has gotten me back in the dirt. I know …

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Summer’s coming to an end, and I have a summer time story for you. It has a spiritual lesson in kindness, gratitude, and our interconnectivity, but there’s more to this story than that. I hope you will indulge me as I tackle a new topic today. The story starts as just another fishing story from …

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I started putting my needs first last year with giving myself my 30 minutes at the gym. This whole blog is about how doing so has pulled me out of depression and given me a life back.

Just 2 days until June and #30daysofGrowth. I felt the need to share something before we get started. I don’t really like that the meme has “happiness” as the goal of the 30 habits. That’s why I’ve dubbed this month #30daysofGrowth not happiness. As I explained, the list is not mine and just came up …

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June and summer are approaching! What better time to introduce something new to the blog? #30daysofGrowth In June, I’m going to add content every day, and each post will be about a habit to increase happiness! This past weekend, the children were away, and I got to spend a blissful Sunday morning sleeping in. Enjoying …

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Why do we even call it a fitness journey or call life a journey, for that matter? Neither is a journey with a destination. There’s never going to be an “I’ve arrived” moment where I can turn off the engine and let it cool down. Sure, there are goals that are reached, but they won’t be maintained if I don’t keep trucking along. And so it goes with the mind and spirit as it does with the body.

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