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Self-discipline is self-love. -Will Smith


Celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Appreciation for what you’ve accomplished or been blessed with is the basis for every next step in the process of self-improvement. Every topic I’ve written about on my blog, every part of a balanced mind, body, and soul requires gratitude. It’s a corner piece. You’ll get no where without it.

If you think you are giving 100% of yourself to everyone around you but you are not taking care of yourself, you are fooling yourself. If you are not taking care of yourself, you don’t have 100% to give. You are not being admirably sacrificial. It’s not an honorable thing, as some of us have been misled into thinking, to martyr our self-care in the name of taking care of our family.

My mom babysat a few kids when I was 5. If memory serves, there was a little girl named Rachel, a chubby toddler whom we called Shawny Boy, and a very busy little boy named Matthew. There were others, but I don’t remember their names. I also don’t remember whose diaper it was that I …

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June and summer are approaching! What better time to introduce something new to the blog? #30daysofGrowth In June, I’m going to add content every day, and each post will be about a habit to increase happiness! This past weekend, the children were away, and I got to spend a blissful Sunday morning sleeping in. Enjoying …

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He makes the daily request to go fishing. I glance in the rear-view mirror at the rods remaining from the last trip. “You never cleaned up your mess from the last time we took you,” I answer. My son pointed out that the left-behind equipment just made it easier to prepare for today. That’s not …

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Part I is here. Memories of my trip to Neuhemsbach as a 23-year-old law student surfaced while reading books about living a fuller life. When I considered the concept of pushing past fear and stepping out of comfort zones, that story was the bright shining moment that came to mind. I stepped out on faith …

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