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Whatever you have faith in is only as big as you give it power to be in your life. If you want to shrink the power of the Universe down to be smaller than your fear, you can do that.


I’m not going to tell you how to exercise. There are plenty of gyms, videos, and professionals for that. I just want to tell you how exercise has changed my life and encourage those who are not physically active to start something! First, however, I am going to give you permission to take time out …

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Day 2: Eat Well #30daysofGrowth

June 2, 2018

Having written extensively on this blog about my eating disorder and my current journey back to fitness, I didn’t feel like I was the one to discuss this subject. So, I’m sharing content from others.

First, I wanted to share this excellent article discussing the benefits of eating well on mental health, which is obviously near and dear to my heart. How Healthy Eating Helps

In an unhappy twist, good nutrition can help at times of stress, but that’s exactly when lots of us tend to eat less well. According to a recent survey nearly half of Americans overeat or eat unhealthy food to cope with stress. In fact, it’s not just that we’re seeking creamy comfort—our stress hormones actually give us the munchies. -How Healthy Eating Helps,

Now, I have, obviously, learned a lot during my recovery and certainly in the past 13 month on my fitness journey. So, why not share from the man who has been teaching me the past 13 months?

Aaron Nash, the owner of my fitness facility, Platinum Fitness. Aaron has started hosting a radio show on BBM Talk Radio every Thursday morning at 9 a.m. EST, in order to share his fitness and nutrition knowledge with a wider audience. Below is a past episode where Aaron and another coach of mine, Mike DeLeo discuss quick fixes, mindset, and nutrition habits. I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to listen live, because you can call in with any nutrition questions you may have.


We’ve been told to be kind all our lives. Growing up, I thought being kind was being able to engage in small talk with strangers. That’s not kindness; that’s social aptitude. Being kind is not reserved for extroverts. Kindness is easier to express with someone you like or who is nice to you. That’s not …

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Just 2 days until June and #30daysofGrowth. I felt the need to share something before we get started. I don’t really like that the meme has “happiness” as the goal of the 30 habits. That’s why I’ve dubbed this month #30daysofGrowth not happiness. As I explained, the list is not mine and just came up …

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June and summer are approaching! What better time to introduce something new to the blog? #30daysofGrowth In June, I’m going to add content every day, and each post will be about a habit to increase happiness! This past weekend, the children were away, and I got to spend a blissful Sunday morning sleeping in. Enjoying …

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